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Treatment Time: 

30 min. - 1 hour

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# of Treatments Needed:

As needed for desired results

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Hydrafacial is a non-invasive treatment that helps improve skin health, addresses patient individual concerns, and creates a glow like appearance to the skin. It differs from other facial because it is performed via device for deeper penetration, and longer results. 

The machine is unique due to the hand piece that acts like a vacuum to cleanse pores and extract impurities and dead skin cells. There are additional boosters you can add to your treatment for the most effective treatment possible!

Hydrafacial in Bloomfield Hills, MI

What is a Hydrafacial? 

Meet Your Provider

Olivia Ruvolo, LMA

Olivia became an aesthetician right out of high school with a passion of creating healthy skin, beauty, and medical aesthetics.


 Everyone that has the pleasure of meeting Olivia, falls in love with her instantly! Her warm demeanor and bubbly personality makes for an incredible provider/patient relationship. She is dedicated to making your skin goals a reality whether that be with a Hydrafacial, updated skincare routine, or even an essential facial! When you come in for an appointment with Olivia, she will always have your best interest at heart, educate you to the fullest on your procedure, and become your new best friend!

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Patient Results

Results from HydraFacials are immediate and give the skin a long lasting glow!  

HydraFacial results in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Not sure where to begin? 

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