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Treatment Time: 

30 minutes

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# of Treatments Needed:

1 treatment every 3-4 months

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BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport are a non-invasive way to temporary smooth facial wrinkles and helping to improve you appearance, with anti-aging benefits. Neurotoxins work by weakening or paralyzing muscles. The injections can be used in multiple areas, including: the forehead, crows feet, fine lines, and between the eyebrows. When muscles contract, they can lead to wrinkles or causes creases, that can be present even when you are not expressing those muscles. Neurotoxins work to help soften those lines, even at rest!


Botox in Bloomfield Hills, MI

What is Botox? 

Meet Your Injectors

KC Swain, RN BSN

Our Lead Injector, KC Swain, is a board-certified nurse with over 10 years of experience doing injectables.

KC is extremely passionate about aesthetics and making women feel beautiful inside and out. Her extensive background, along with her professional and warm demeanor, has allowed her to build a loyal following quickly. She truly believes in enhancing each patient’s unique beauty and is well known for providing amazing results.

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Cristy Vermiglio, RN BSN

Cristy was previously a nurse for 12 years and has always had a passion for aesthetics. Being our patient for many years, we decided to add her to the team! For the past several months, Cristy has been training directly under our Lead Injector, KC, and has instantly become an expert at her craft.

She is a highly skilled aesthetic nurse injector dedicated to enhancing clients' natural features and confidence. Armed with years of experience in the medical field and a profound understanding of facial anatomy, Cristy now specializes in the art of cosmetic injections to achieve stunning, yet natural-looking results.

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Patient Results

Results typically start kick in around days 3-5 and patient's can expect full results between days 10 and 14.

Botox results in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Not sure where to begin? 

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