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Sciton Laser


Laser Skin Resurfacing

Treatment Time: 

30 min. - 1 hour

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# of Treatments Needed:

As needed for desired results

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1 - 7 days


Sciton lnc. was started nearly 25 years ago and invented some of the most advanced consumer laser and light systems, that treat a wide variety of skin concerns and for all skin types, including Halo®, BBL® HERO™, and Moxi™. 

They are continually transforming the laser aesthetic market by their technology and commitment to real results that are proven by aesthetic providers all around the world. Becoming more and more well known around the country, Sciton is the only laser that Timeless Skin & Aesthetics is proud to say we have! 

Skin Resurfacing in Bloomfield Hills, MI

What is Sciton? 

Meet Your Aesthetician

Michelle Ketzler, LMA

One of Timeless Skin & Aesthetics’ best assets is the fortune of having licensed medical aesthetician, Michelle Ketzler. Her extensive experience in Plastic Surgery and Dermatology coupled with 15 years of extensive training with the Sciton Laser has set her apart. Because of her credible passion for healthy skin, Michelle has become a true “guru” and her results are being shared all over the world. Not only does she deliver the ultimate “Before & After”, she assuredly walks her clients through from beginning to end, coaching through the treatments, setting expectations for healing, and teaching clients how to use the right products to protect the investment made in new and improved skin! Her results speak for themselves, and she is loved by everyone who has had the pleasure of working with her!

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Patient Results


What is BBL Laser?

BBL Laser Before & After in Bloomfield Hills, MI


BBL Laser or BroadBand Light™ by Sciton, is a light phototherapy that will help improve surface level pigment, redness, acne, and skin texture. BBL™ can be treated all over the body using pulses of light energy to heat the skin’s surface. This treatment will also help stimulate elastin and collagen, leaving your skin glowing in no time!

Holly V.

"I would have to say Michelle is my new best friend! My skin was dull looking with fine lines & signs of sun damage. She knew exactly what to recommend to freshen up my skin. I had BBL and halo done. Michelle is very professional & knowledgeable in her craft. This was my first time having having any type of treatment done. It was important to me to have someone who actually has had the procedures done on themself. Michelle’s skin is absolutely flawless so I knew I was in good hands. The process was quick and so far (I’m only a week out) I’m seeing great results! Thank you Michelle! Can’t wait to see what is next!!"

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